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    This page displays some of the 3D CAD models created by engen which are available for purchase.
    Most 3D models available for sale or download on the internet are mesh models where the outer surfaces turn into a maze of 3D polygons. This gives them geometry completely unsuitable for use in engineering models and makes them very slow to process using engineering 3D CAD software.

    The models displayed here are offered in the universal formats of IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) and STP to work freely in all common 3D CAD systems (solidworks, Solidedge, Inventor, Pro-Engineer etc) regardless of version or year.

    This is only a small sample of the models that are avaiable and all can be customised to your requirements. Please contact us for more information.
    In addition to the models shown here, we can help obtaining and converting models of standard & unique engineering components.

    - Tractor front wheel.

    16x5" wheel with 3 rib 6.00x16 tyre.
    6x152mm bolt pattern.
    Available as a multibody part or an assembly.

    - Tractor Rear Wheel.

    24x10" rim shown with 11.2-24 tyre, different sizes available.
    Fits MF135 etc with 8x152mm bolt pattern. Tyres available with chevron tread or simplified as shown for better computer performance
    Available as a multibody part or an assembly.

    - Ladder.

    Orchard aluminium ladder
    Available with any number of steps.

    - Apple Bin.

    Standard NZ Apple Bin

    - Anti-Luce Catch

    Anti-luce catch
    Used for trailer & ute tail gate.
    Weld-on type.

    - 40mm Towing Eye

    Standard heavy towing eye
    Weld-on type.

    - Heavy Trailer Suspension

    Reyco 49" twin axle suspension setup
    Includes Alux 3190 19.5x7.5" rims.
    Includes 265-70R19.5 tyres.

    - Alux Trailer Wheel

    Alux 3190 19.5"x7.5" rim
    Includes 265-70R19.5 tyre.

    - Trailer Mudguard

    Car trailer mudguard. Similar to Trojan
    Also available for tandem axle.

    - 22.5" Truck Wheel

    Alcoa 88652 wheel with 275-70R22.5 tyres.

    - Solid Rubber Forklift Wheel

    6.50-10 Globestar on two piece hub.

    - Car & Trailer Steel Wheels

    All common sizes available.
    Shown 185/65R15 tyre on 15x6" rim.
    Custom sizing on request

    - Trailer Hub & Stub Sets

    Several sizes available. Trojan & Viking
    Shown marine 2 ton braked with bronze rotor.
    Common stud patterns available
    Custom patterns on request

    - Handrail Stanchions & Bends

    Types AM, P, S, SC, SOA etc
    End bends, rails etc.
    Variable angles, standard heights

    - Stair Treads & Webgrate

    Treads available in webgrate, wood etc
    Webgrate panels available in all sizes

    - Turbocharger Flanges

    T3 inlet flange shown.
    All common sizes available.
    Inlets, outlets & dump pipes.
    Custom sizes on request

    - Turbocharger Assemblies

    T25 shown
    Several T25/T28 variants available
    GT2256V variable vane model also available

    - Turbo Flange Adapters

    T3-T25 shown
    Available for:
    Other sizes on request

    - Springs

    Custom sizing available.
    Compression, extension & leaf.

    - Gates

    Generic farm gates.
    Custom sizes & styles available.

    - Padlocks

    ABUS 83/45
    Also Weatherproof ABUS

    - Door Hinges

    Zenith WSS1050
    52mm long, stainless steel.
    Other sizes on request

    - Machinery Feet

    60mm x M16 shown, other sizes available

    - Electrical Box's

    CVS Type
    300x400x200mm shown, other sizes & types available

    - Electrical Connectors

    4 pin plug & socket - solder in
    Fits 16mm hole

    - Conveyor Rollers

    Offset rollers for 900mm belt shown
    Different belt widths available
    Also available, inline roller sets, impact roller sets, head-drums, tail-drums, belt cleaners
    NZ/Aus standard conveyor parts

    - Isuzu 4BD1T Turbo Diesel

    3.9L 4 cyl engine model
    Includes some internal detail (pistons etc)
    Available with a choice of turbochargers & manifolds
    Includes accessories

    - Diesel Engine Alternator

    12/24v alternator
    Includes rear vacuum pump & plug detail

    - Koni Shock Absorber

    Model 30-1246, gas/hydraulic, 220mm stroke
    fits 80 series landcruiser front

    - Landrover / Rangerover Rear Axle

    Fits rangerover 86-94, landrover discovery I & defender
    Internal detail wheel bearings, drive axles, stubs, brake discs,
    pinion flange and representation of differential head.
    Vogue 3 spoke alloys, centre caps and 225/75R16 tyres

    - M12 Recovery Hook

    Recovery hook with 2x M12 bolt holes

    - 1 7/8" towball

    With 1" shank

    - Transporter Trailer

    Tandem axle, includes 1.5t stubs, 14x5" wheels with
    185R14 tyres

    - Truvativ GXP BB

    Cup-set includes bearings & seals

    - Truvativ ISIS BB

    Gigapipe includes bearings

    - FSA MegaExo BB

    Includes bearings & seals

    - FSA Quad BB

    Includes double wide bearings & seals

    - HT2 BB

    Shimano, includes bearings & seals

    - Mountainbike Wheel

    Shimano M525 Hub, Hayes 160mm rotor, Mavic XM719 rim
    Available with/without tyre tread.
    36 spokes & nipples in 3 cross pattern

    - Mountainbike Rear Air Shock

    Manitou Swinger 4 way Air
    190mm i2i length, 50mm stroke
    Most internal detail

    - Bike Helmet

    Foam & skin, no straps.

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